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Composite Boundary Fence


New Bridge Services (EASY INSTALL WPC BOUNDARY FENCE)We new bridge services are proud to launch our range EASY INSTALL WCP BOUNDARY FENCE PANELS that will eventually replace the conventional timber palling fence which are used as fence boundary

“EASY INSTALL WCP BOUNDARY Fence PANELS?” is a high performance fibre composite derived from a
revolutionary green technology. It promises to ease pressures on our forests by delivering timber free alternative widely.

  • Manufactured using 100 recycled materials.
  • Base ingredients.

Advantages of WPC Boundary fence panels

  • Last for 20yr++, with a 5 yr. limited warranty against manufacturing defects, you will never have to
    replace your boundary fence panel ever and more over keep it looking the same through the years.
  • Does not mould or rot.
  • Easy to install, comes in a kit form.
  • Give both side the same finish (unlike Paling fence panels you see the ugly support beams on one side).
  • Add value to your property.
  • Less upright beams as the panels span 2125mm,.
  • Available in 4 wood natural finish shades/ colours.
  • We have a solution to replace every wood application with Wood Composite Plastic panels.
  • No harmful chemicals or formaldehyde release.
  • Does not bow or splinter.
  • Good weathering resistance with UV stabilizers.]
  • No maintenance.
  • Aesthetic
  • No painting ever needed.
  • look like merbau timber.
  • Aluminium post, powder coated strong and sturdy.

Wood plastic composite boundary fence Kit/package

2125mm wide x 1950mm high WPC Boundary fence kit: DIY
 Description   Dimension   Surface treatment Qty Unit length
  WPC panels INTERLOCKING 150x22x1965  Sand 13 length 1956mm
  Post (aluminium powder coated) 80x80x2450  Aluminium (powder coated) 2 2450mm
  Post side cover (aluminium powder coated) 28.5×10.25×2150  Aluminium (powder coated) 2 2150mm
  Bottom and top rails 30x30x1920mm  Aluminium (powder coated) 2 1920mm
  Post top caps 85x85x25mm 2
  Clips  Aluminium (powder coated) 4

Limited Warranty :-Residential Use – Warranty Period of N B S WPC PRODUCTS

  • N B S WPC PRODUCTS is meant to withstand yrs. in Australian Weather conditions as outdoor decking or as boundary fence, when managed and installed correctly.
  • (N B S Boundary fence panels) Products. Warranty Period 5 years from date of purchase. Cannot be
    installed within 2 meters of water and in high fire prone areas.
  • All warranty need to be supported with an original invoice as proof of purchase,
  • If N B S WPC products Rot, Split, Crack, Splinter or suffers structural damage from termites within the
    warranty Period, we will replace the good only , no other charges will be entertained, such as
    uninstalling erecting and any other labour cost.
  • New bridge services pty ltd is not liability for any damage of property/individual caused by erecting /
    dismantling NBS WPC product.

This warranty is only related to a fault in the manufacturing process.

CLICK HERE to download the NBS Services WCP Boundary Fence Kit Brochure.