Fencing Feet

Temporary fence Plastic feet

Temporary fence Plastic feet are of Best Quality, Heavy Duty, and Realistic Price Temporary Fence Feet for your requirement, which will look best and safer with these high visibility coloured feet. They are highly visible making them safer as they are less likely to be a tripping hazard for the public.

Our Plastic Fence Feet offer the following Features:

  • Temporary fencing Plastic Block has a rugged outdoor life of 10 times more than the normal conventional concrete blocks.
  • Aesthetic and available in safety colors.
  • Manufactured in Australia under a patent (std patent: 2002301692, PR:8581, innovation patent : 2006100501
  • Pole holes 26.9mmOD, 33.7mm OD, and 42.7mm OD are available.
  • Pole holes running across or up & down the feet
  • A wide range of colors is available to choose from.
  • Your contact details can be embossed onto  the block
  • Meets AS 4687-2007
  • Uv5 protected (Sun / Weather protection)
  • Made of a Flexible & Durable co-polymer polypropylene
  • Stylish & Elegant
  • Highly Visible from Far
  • Easy to handle. No sharp edges
  • Delivery at any part of Australia

We assure you to offer and provide the fence owing to your needs and requirements. New Bridge Servicesmanufactures & supply fencing of the finest style and quality, so that you can be assured about your fence that provides you, privacy, and security with best style for years to come.

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