The Prominence of Mining and Agriculture in Australia

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The mutual relationship between mining and agricultural industry is very important in Australia. The country’s mining is integral to ensure that the farms remain productive and functional. Both the industries complement each other a lot to maintain the economic sustainability within the country. The industries bring millions of dollars to the country and ensure a landscape that is both healthy and wealthy. Various communities drive income from them and put best of their efforts to ensure an optimum level of production and returns.

Over the years, the mining industry has produced results that directly impact the growth of agricultural infrastructure facilities. However, it has also been noted that the agricultural growth increase in some areas and decrease in others, as a result of mining, depending upon the circumstances.

Agriculture and Mining Products

The intensity at which agricultural growth is influenced depends upon the way mined products are used in crop fertilization and animal feeding. The availability of natural elements such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous also determines the level of production. All these elements are needed to ensure an optimum level of output, especially in livestock and poultry farms.

The Shared Relationship

Both of these primary industries share a lot of common features and attributes that together define their existence. The most important objective of these industries is to develop effective systems for the entire country while balancing the use of natural resources. Farmers and miners work on lands to produce essential products for the people of Australia. They use electricity, metals, water, and high-end equipment to keep the work going. Both sectors are extremely important in a sense that they add value to the economic prosperity of the country.

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