Design and Safety of the Cattle Yard Panels

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Cattle yards are an essential and actually one of the most important facilities for raising the beef cattle. Once designed and built, the yards last for several years and this is the reason that many cattlemen erect more than one cattle yard panels in a lifetime. However, a poorly designed set of cattle yard panels can surely lead to years of inconvenience and frustration. There are a plethora of reasons why workplace health and safety in the cattle yard designs must be considered in order to serve best solutions. Here are some excellent design and construction features of the cattle yards which are very useful in reducing the chances of injury.

  • Try and provide easy operator escape avenues from the yard panels including man-ways, foot holes and open rail construction.
  • It is good if you use strong and durable rail attachments as it improves the total efficiency and lowers your cost of installing new panels every now and then.
  • Spacing is also one of the important aspects of installing the perfect cattle yard panels for your fields. Make sure allow sufficient space to avoid overcrowding of the cattle.
  • Plan the cattle yard panels in such a manner that the animals can see a clear path in the required direction and move freely without any difficulty.