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With our prime focus on quality, flexibility and looking after our planet we have launched our Temporary fence Recycled rubber feet with realistic price in mind.
Temporary Fence Recycled Rubber Feet is one of our many new ideas and further launches to come of new innovative ideas using recycled rubber.

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New Bridge Services, is an Australian based company who undoubtedly think that Temporary Fence Recycled Rubber Feet will replace the empty plastic feet, our NB3248 Multi fit configures 6 x 32od and 4 x 48od pole holes (10hole configuration) gives the user an option of

  • Positioning the panels in tight corners,
  • Ready to use, no messy filling up and no additional cost,
  • Available with your logo / phone number embossed
  • Available in red / black
  • Strong and durable

New Bridge Services is one of the established and trusted company of Australia, known for its quality products which is distributed through a well-balanced network. We would be glad to talk for your next requirement ofTemporary Fence Recycled Rubber Feet.

CLICK HERE to download the NB3248 Temporary Fence Recycled Rubber Feet Brouchre.