Kindly go through below steps or refer the detailed guide in our attached Brochure to enable our Temporary fencing systems to function.

It is recommended that the panels are handled by 2 operatives wearing protective gloves generally in Each Temporary Fencing Panel. The following process is intended to act as guideline only particular applications may require variation.

Step 1
Initially, position the cast concrete fence bases along the proposed fence line using a spacing gauge. The panels are supported by inserting the side posts into the holes cast in the centre of the base. Each base is cast with at least 4 post support positions for flexibility of use and hand hold positions in each end of the base. The fence panels are then carefully placed in position.

Step 2
Secondly, security clamps should be placed approximately 655mm from the top of the panel, across the adjoining side posts – a 20mm box type spanner is required to secure the clamp with the central nut and bolt.

Step 3
Thirdly, if required Anti-Lift devices can be installed to prevent the panel being lifted from the bases. To install first insert the hooked device into the square hole in the centre of the base. The upright with the slot, should then be positioned between the panel side posts. A security clamp is assembled through the hole in the upright of the device to produce a strong positive connection.

Step 4
Fourthly, Additional Security can be provided using barbed or razor wire, which is fixed to extension arms. These are inserted into the top of the panel side posts. The overall panel height is increased by 180mm to approximately 2.19 mtrs from the underside of the base.

Step 5
The stabilising unit is attached to the fence using the specific bolt of the security clamp and rakes off at 60 degrees approximate to the ground. The stabiliser leg carries a base plate, which prevents subsidence and can either be anchored into the ground with suitable stakes or mechanical fixing or the stabiliser can be inserted through the square hole in an additional concrete base.

Please Note: While using Anti-Climb panels, stabilisers are recommended on all occasions.

Handling Panels
Extreme Careful consideration should be given to how you intend to handle and store this product before you purchase or hire. The panels are large and can sometimes be difficult to manhandle. We would strongly recommend that the panels are stocked flat to a maximum height of 20 number panels.

Please note :
Extreme Care should be taken when stacking panels flat to ensure the protruding ends of the mesh infill are pointed away from pedestrian traffic. As mentioned in the erection procedures, we recommend that a minimum of 2 persons are used to safely erect this product. When handling the panels, ensure that the area is cordoned off from passersby.

Transportation :
While transporting panels and bases, one must ensure that the load is evenly spread over the transport vehicle. Do not exceed the load capacity of your vehicle, ensure that the load is securely tied down and avoid overhangs.

Safety :
We strongly recommend Hard hats, safety footwear, re-enforced gloved and overalls should always be worn when erecting Temporary Fencing and extreme care should be taken as the protruding ends of the wire mesh can sometimes be sharp.

CLICK HERE to download the Erecting Brochure