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Cattle panels UAE

New Bridge Services provides well planned and custom built cattle panels in UAE. Our panels are made with galvanized steel so there are no chances of rusting. With ease of erecting, dismantling and transporting them, you can utilise them in several ways and have your own portable yards.

Filter cloth UAE

To choose an appropriate filter cloth in UAE you just need to consider your exact filtration requirement and the kind of environment within which the process will be executed. New Bridge Services maintains a large stock of filter fabrics for different applications and these have a high degree of heat and chemical resistance. From food and pharmaceutical industry to chemical processing and refining, we have quality filter cloth products for a range of industries.

Filter press UAE

At New Bridge Services, we have the filter press units that your manufacturing site needs. Designed for long service life, our machines come with user-friendly operation process and provide effective liquid-solid separation. If you are looking for a filter press in UAE and expect bespoke features to suit your special industrial applications, New Bridge Services will make the exact provisions that you need.

Mining equipment UAE

We know that you expect outstanding reliability from your mining equipment in UAE. This is why we maintain high grade, tested and proven machines and tools for your works. New Bridge Services provides you a range of equipment ideally customised for excavation, ore processing and transporting jobs. Our comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge mining equipment sets new standards in this dynamic industry.

Scaffolding suppliers UAE

New Bridge Services has tonnes of high quality scaffolding equipment and the units are available with different finish options – painted, electroplated and hot dip galvanized scaffolds. As a trusted team of scaffolding suppliers in UAE, we provide the specialised equipment that you need for your housing projects, commercial ventures and large industrial projects.

Composite decking UAE

New Bridge Services has the products that you need for composite decking in UAE. We have the most natural looking decking products that feel like timber but do not need elaborate maintenance. Strong weather elements cannot spoil their beauty and they are highly resistant to insects, mildew and moisture. With composite decking by New Bridge Services, you get ecologically sustainable and cost-effective solutions for your flooring and fencing needs.