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July 09, 2015

Skip Bin Fabricators

With recycling getting its acknowledgment  in Australia and New Zealand, it is emerging as a way of life to have building and construction waste segregated and recycled for a greener planet.

With land fill the thing of the past we are learning to use recycled quality products that has never done before

Newbridge services offers tailored fabrication solutions in recycling gantry skip bins, with a range of sizes in its fabrication line of skip bins we are proud to be a part of the new recycling age to save the planet for our future generations to come.

In our fabrication unit in Melbourne and china which is fully owned by NBS , Skip Bins are tailored fabricated to any shape or size you require, from 3m³ up to 30.0m³

If you are on a look out for an  fully Australian owned company to Fabricator as per the Austrailan standards @ realistic prices. New Bridge Services Pty Ltd  would like to hear from you.


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June 29, 2015

Benefits You Can Reap Using Composite Decking

Composite decking continues to gain momentum with each passing day. In the decking industry, it’s a name that takes a number of benefits along with it and thus emerges as a viable alternative to wood decking. For many house owners, composite decking has become an option that allows them to create their outdoors a place to enjoy and rejuvenate. Apart from making outdoors beautiful, composite decking thrills on various levels, such as:

  1. Durability

Composite decking is durable in nature as compared to wood decking. They are made using vinyl, plastic, and other recycled elements that together help give these decks a long lasting appeal.


  1. Minimal Maintenance

Composite decking is carefully crafted to maintain its utility for years to come. You don’t need to paint or repair its parts in the turn of every season. Also, composite decking is free from rotting or molding problems, so all you need is just sit back and relax.


  1. Safe and Sound

As compared other decks, composite decks are slip resistant, making it easier for you and your kids to walk and play bare feet.


  1. Colour Choice


Many people prefer composite decking because of their availability in various colour choices. This helps them maintain the uniform look of their outdoor space.


Composite decking is a reliable option for anyone who wants to revamp their outdoor space. It’s a choice that comes with all the bells and whistles you need to construct an ultimate deck in your home.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of composite decking in Australia, then New Bridge Services is the most suitable choice for it. New Bridge is a trusted name which takes pride in delivering top-notch decking solutions to their customers at competitive prices.

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June 25, 2015

Different Precautions that Miners Take To Protect Themselves from Any Causality

Mine workers all around the world work underground for several hours a day to extract the useful mineral resources. Mines may vary in size from little to huge, yet the same essential safety precautions apply on each worker. Each and every worker follows some set instructions and guidelines which helps him in living a safe life when working hundreds of feet below the surface of the earth. Normal precautionary measures incorporate satisfactory ventilation in the mine, face insurance and substantial garments to secure the excavators.

Some of the most crucial concerns for miners remain the adequate oxygen supply and cave-ins. During the mining process, many toxic substances are released in the air and this makes it important that adequate ventilation throughout the mine is provided. Face protection is also equally important for the miners. This includes a respirator device which helps in protecting their vital organs like mouth, throat, and lungs.

Moreover, miners also wear heavy clothing and boots to protect their bodies against any causality. The miners make use of deadly tools such as sharp or projecting objects for digging the hard rocks, however if these tools enter the body of human beings, it may result in death as well. Heavy clothes, gloves and boots also protect against other potential sources of danger.

If you are looking for some best quality mining equipment in New Zealand, then New Bridge Services can be a great choice. The company offers a wide assortment of products at most reasonable prices in the entire industry.

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June 08, 2015

Cleaning of Filter Cloth


The trapping qualities of a filter cloth (or fabric) make it fit for use in a variety of industrial applications. Water purification, food processing, and sludge removal from liquid products are some common processes for which filter cloth in New Zealand is used.

Due to continual operations, filter fabric gets plugged with microscopic particles. Gradually, these begin to penetrate the fabric and get lodged in the depth of the weave leading to decreased filterability. The particles must therefore be removed from time to time for maintaining high filtration rates and dry cakes. This is why cleaning of this fabric is necessary.

An effective and simple way to clean filter cloths is while the cloths are still installed on the filter press plates. It calls for a system to handle the course of action and the units required include holding tank, pumps, re-circulating piping and valves. Most of these products are typically provided by a filter press supplier. Utmost care must be taken to ensure that the cleaning solution does not squirt from between the filter plates during the cleaning cycle.

A 5% solution of hydrochloric acid mixed with a non-ionic detergent at ambient temperature is the most common starting point to a cleaning solution. Likewise, caustic solutions can be used as per the kind of contaminant being eliminated. Polypropylene fabrics can be cleaned in various solutions as their fibre is highly tolerant to acids and alkalis. Lastly, polyester should not be exposed to very high pH levels and nylon to very low levels.

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May 20, 2015

What constitutes the mining equipment in general sense ?

Mining is a human activity, with lot of business and money involved into it. Walking few decades back, mining was purely a labour intensive industry, but this scenario has gradually changed with the coming of state of the art mining equipment. The innovative equipment has minimised on use of physical labour and above all it also ironed out the typified process of mining.

Hydraulic mining procedures or the traditional mining, there is always the intense need required for high quality mining tools. Some of these tools include metal detector, sluice box, highbanker, trommel etc. Each of these tools has their use in the mining industry. Other key accessories used are green laser lights that enhance the vision and ensure better results.

Effective mining is the handiwork of good and efficient tools and equipment. Make sure you find the best choices.

Taking the flight in the year 2001, New Bridge Services initiated its business in manufacturing and subsequently supplying of temporary fencing. However, over the years, we have grown as leading manufacturers and suppliers of F.R.P. grating, Expanded Metal, Steel Grating & Handrails, cattle handling equipment, Composite Decking, AS/NZS scaffolding tube & Coupler system, AS/NZS LVL Planks, Industrial gantry skips and Dehumidifiers as well. We are also supplying the best quality mining equipment in Philippines. Our product line is expanding. Visit:

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May 05, 2015

Where to buy best quality mining equipment?

Mining equipment is the necessity for efficient and timely completion of mining process. The equipment is available in variety of formats.  Talk of the Roof Bolters, Draglines, Drills, Rock Duster, Hydraulic Hammers / Breakers or any kind of Reliable Mining Industry Equipment; you need to be sure that the place from you buy them is genuine. Usually, the online mining equipment shops offer wide range of tools and mining equipment. Such equipment makes drilling a very calculative process. Boring is done within the time frame it is scheduled for, with no delays at all.

Your choice of the mining equipment matters a lot. The quality and price consideration is always on your list, and in addition to this, you need to be sure of the equipment manufacturing company. It should have good years of experience in designing the equipment required for mining.

New Bridge Services is an Australian based manufacturer of high quality equipment. It is also the leading resource for superior range of mining equipment. We are manufacturing and supplying mining equipment to New Zealand. We employ detailed and innovative manufacturing technologies and introduce them on affordable prices. Our exclusive product inventory is ever increasing. To know about the mining equipment, visit:

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April 18, 2015

Durable scaffoldings for effective construction works

Scaffolding or what is otherwise known as the staging platforms offer a strong base for all types of construction and repair works. These are the kind of temporary structures, which are designed and constructed in the manner to provide base to workers as well as for keeping the materials. Whether it is any kind of big or small repair work, or constructing floors on higher elevations, scaffoldings always solve the purpose.

These equipment are constructed in different sizes and using various combination of materials. Stringent measures are taken into consideration during construction to ensure durability. Scaffolding structures are giving way to easy construction. This practical equipment is among the known instrumental reasons for fast construction and repair works, whether at ground levels or at heights.

Do not take chances with your life. Select from wide range of options available in wooden and LVL scaffolding planks. Experience a whole new revolution in construction.

New Bridge Services is an Australian based and incorporated business with keen focus to provide high quality metal products range. We have also ventured in scaffolding manufacturing in construction with focus on New Zealand. We have emerged as leading scaffolding suppliers in New Zealand. To know about exclusive range of products, visit:

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March 27, 2015

Yard panels for creating safe heaven

Cattle, in general, are suave and composed animals. However, when they are in herd, they often try to show restless behaviour. This behaviour can quickly become erratic when stray animals try to trespass their territory. Cattle yard panels are there to create safe heaven. These panels are sturdy, rigid and can be custom designed to build a specific grazing area for cattle.

With a specified grazing area, farmland owner doesn’t need to put round the clock vigil guarding the ranch. He enjoys peace of mind and above all seamlessly manages the entire grazing activity. It is again due to the reason that grazing zone of cattle has been clearly demarcated. Cattle too enjoy their private zone with no question of trespassing.

Search for the durable, perfect sized cattle yard panels from the trustworthy manufacturer. Read the information on cattle yard panels available at manufacturer’s website and then make the final decision.

New Bridge Services is Australia based products manufacturer as well as supplier with a full operational manufacturing unit located in Taiwan and China. We incorporate detailed manufacturing deftness, and satisfy the needs of our clients with impeccable quality. Search for durable and high quality cattle yard panels Australia. To know more about extensive product range, visit:

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March 09, 2015

Filter cloth indispensable for heavy equipment manufacturing

Filter cloths used in heavy equipment manufacturing are structurally and morphologically more or less same. The purpose is also almost somewhat similar.  These filter cloths are designed to restrict particles and other matter from passing into the manufacturing process. It is very necessary for efficient processing that the particles do not make way to the core of product manufacturing, or else the quality of finished products is greatly hampered.

The refined material used in creation of filter cloths has quality equivalent to parchment paper. The material has capability to trap solids and all types of unwanted coarse material.

These finished pieces are designed from Rislan, Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester, or Polyethylene, having closely, sophisticated sewn edges, often with grommets.   The choice of design will depend on type of manufacturing process where the filter cloths intended to be used.

New Bridge Services is a trustworthy, reliable name in manufacturing wide range of heavy duty, highly durable certified product range. We have well-equipped factories located in Taiwan and China. We are sourcing the raw material from ISO 2010 certified manufacturers and employ detailed manufacturing skills. New Bridge Services has superior range of filter cloth in Australia. For details on our product range, click:

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February 04, 2015

Why LVL scaffolding planks is a hit for construction?

The construction industry across the globe has undergoing transformation for various reasons. Talk of the best quality laminated scaffolding planks or for that matter the general scaffolds, construction and repair industry is extensively using them. The scaffolding planks are good choice to make for several reasons. These include:

  • Light weight and are therefore easily manageable in all set of conditions
  • Tough and last long in various corrosive environments
  • Minimum maintenance and doesn’t require too much of efforts
  • Used in various big and small construction and repair works
  • No need for the metal end band
  • Superb electrical insulation properties
  • High durability and complete safety

Your choice of the LVL planks should be made on the basis of type of construction and repair work requirements. Make sure to check the strength and durability of planks before finalizing the deal to buy the planks.

New Bridge Services is the leading manufacturer and supplier of LVL scaffolding planks in Australia. The company is also engaged in manufacturing of wide range of heavy duty products such as cattle panels, scaffolds, cattle crushes etc. We make sure our clients get the best quality products at affordable prices. To know extensive knowledge of our product line, click on:

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